Thursday, April 12, 2007

Checkmate in 9 (Don’t tell her)

Checkmate in 9 (Don’t tell her)

It takes a shake of her hand
To tear down the walls you've built around you.

It takes her a few steps walking by
To find the little back door of your fortress.

It takes one of her smiles
To break it open to pieces.

It takes to sit with her at the table
To come clear to you - she won't take prisoners.

It takes few sips of her wine
For her giggles to infiltrate your fortress.

It takes eating the appetizer
For you to loose control of the inner walls.

It takes to hear her laughter
And here goes down your armored bunker.

It takes a walk by the river
For her to find your petrified heart.

It takes her eyes to plunge for a second in yours...
Checkmate - your atrium starts to beat again.

She does all that - the fastest siege
Than she leaves innocently.

The best conquistador ever
And she doesn't even know it.

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